Global Biotech Week

Save the dates: September 26 – October 3, 2016



Canada is home to a vibrant biotech industry of more than 500 established and emerging companies. These companies are driving solutions for the challenges identified with global population growth including vaccines protecting against cancer, green chemicals offering options for environmental stewardship, and more sustainable farming practices to secure food supply. It is an industry of great diversity with an array of entities including large, multinational companies as well as numerous small and medium sized companies.   Importantly, one of the core strengths of Canada’s biotech industry is the number of industry clusters found in each of the provinces across the country; it is a truly national industry that should be celebrated and appreciated for its economic and social contribution both in Canada and internationally. Another core strength is the people. At its very heart biotech is really little more than a bunch of good ideas. It is the people that drive the innovation forward and make the industry the success it is.